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Tyson Training

Our Expert Team

Our expert trainers will teach you valuable lifestyle changes through self-empowerment, self-education, behavioral change and mindset shifts to push your own physical capacity.

Our Core Values

We are built on core values like Personal Responsibility and Perseverant hard worker. Which means we create a environment and mentor our clients to take personal responsibility for their results.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing innovative, relevant, sustainable and accessible fitness and nutrition programs that will empower our clients for life.

Bowie Personal Training

Personal Training

At Tyson Training in Lanham, our Personal Training program will provide you tailored solutions to your fitness problem areas. In this format, you will have an experienced trainer watching your every move and adjusting every aspect of every single work out to get you the most efficient results possible.

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Bowie Small Group Fitness

Small Group Fitness

Small Group Fitness in Lanham, is workouts catered to groups ranging from 3-6 people. All sessions include an adequate dynamic warm up, core work and resistance training. Our small group training format is usually delivered in a circuit but we like to switch things up very frequently. We guarantee you will never get bored!

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Bowie Large Group Fitness

Large Group Fitness

In Large Group Fitness in Lanham, groups of at least 10 people work towards similar goals under the supervision and instruction of at least one fitness instructor. This program is great for losing significant weight, as well increasing aerobic endurance, general vitality, flexibility and mobility.

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Our Services

Our elite trainers offer a range of services to match your fitness goals

Our Promise in Bowie - Tyson Training

Our Promise

We pledge to provide you with a fitness environment that will be supportive, passionate, safe, full of integrity while promoting excellence and fitness in our community.

Cardiovascular & Heart Health in Bowie - Tyson Training

Cardiovascular & Heart Health

The benefits of improved Cardiovascular Health are endless. Along with improved heart health, increased metabolism and improved recovery time, you'll also stave off diseases and have you feeling good long after your workout.

Resistance & Strength Training in Bowie - Tyson Training

Resistance & Strength Training

Along with toning your muscles and building those bulging biceps and washboard abs, Resistance Training will also protect your joints from injury, help to build and maintain flexibility & balance, and help to burn off and keep off unwanted fat.

Injury Prevention & Defy Aging in Bowie - Tyson Training

Injury Prevention & Defy Aging

Working out is the secret to staying young and healthy. If you want to slow down the clock and maintain your independence late into life, we can teach you how to get the most out of your workouts and prevent injuries and aging at the same time.

Nutrition & Weight Management in Bowie - Tyson Training

Nutrition & Weight Management

If your goal is to lose weight, look no further than your Nutrition. You are what you eat! Our team works hard to give you the tools, not only to achieve your goals, but more importantly, to sustain them!


What People Are Saying

Still need convincing? Check out what people are saying about us.

KD, Aspiring Olympic Weightlifter

KD, Aspiring Olympic Weightlifter

I trained with Joe for about a year and he was influential in the physical and healthy changes I made in my life and currently live by. He built a great foundation for me and shaped me into the strong athlete I am today. I never knew I will be able to do pushups or pull ups until I started ....

Nana K, Project Manager

Nana K, Project Manager

“I have been training with Joe for several years now. Joe helped me reach my personal goals after the birth of my second child and as a mother of three I have never been in better shape. My fitness has improved 100%. I have seen such dramatic changes in my physical appearance, energy levels, ....

Amber H, Professor

Amber H, Professor

I have been training with Joe for a little over a year and a half. When we initially began training, my goals were pretty typical, lose belly fat and the extra pounds I gradually gained since the birth of my son. I had some experience with cardio group classes but found it stressful to keep to ....

Omari B

Omari B

Joe has been my personal trainer for a year and a half now and he works with the whole person -- mentally, emotionally and physically. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Joe’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging ....

Tyson Training uses a clinically proven system that’s guaranteed to stimulate weight loss & increase metabolism. The perfect combination of knowledge, encouragement and guidance using challenging exercises that target specific adaptations to get guaranteed results. Tyson Training has been recognized throughout the DMV for helping its members lose thousands of pounds through scientifically proven methods as well as our knowledge experience and our personal touch. And we’re not stopping anytime soon!

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